Hey there...

First off, thanks for checking us out.  I'm Marc (hi) and Maureen (Mo) is my lovely wife and together we make up Digitalegacy.  

Us in France.

For over ten years, Digitalegacy has been a boutique studio specializing in wedding & documentary photography and film.  Yes, we've won a few awards and we've been published in more than a few places.  But my guess is, you're here because you were referred to us and you'd like to know if we're a good fit for you.  The large majority of our clientele is referral based and to us that's more important than awards, publishing credentials, etc.  So again, thanks for stopping by - we couldn't do this without our amazing clients.

Now, that being said, there are a few things worth noting.  

We do a limited number of weddings per year, approximately five to seven, depending on the scope of the project.  After 10 years, we’ve become a bit more picky in order to keep it fun, innovative, and hopefully pretty great.  We love to travel and have our passports ready, in case you have a destination in mind. If you think we may be a good fit, get in touch with us sooner rather than later.  

So that’s that.  And soon there will be this...

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could watch a documentary about a member of your own family?  We think so too.  In the coming year, we'll be offering something new (and really cool), Video Portraits.  Your life, your words, your environment...your legacy beautifully captured.  This idea was the original vision for this studio and after 10 years it's about to become a reality!

And lastly...

In addition to this work, I do lots of other things with a camera that I keep on a separate website including: music videos, short films, portrait, landscape, and performance photography.  It's called Marc Brown Pictures and you can check it out here.

Thanks for visiting Digitalegacy